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Message from Matt

未分類   2022/06/15 (水)  2:57 PM

To Everyone,

I want to thank everyone at Beyond English for making my time in Japan happy and full of learning opportunities.  I am especially thankful to Mario-sensei for believing in me and giving me the chance to teach such wonderful・・・続きを見る

Message to students from Akira

未分類   2021/03/26 (金)  11:04 AM

My time as a teacher at Beyond has come to an end and I would like to express how grateful I am to have taught all of you. The conversations had and the relationships built over this last year and a half have made this one of the best experiences ・・・続きを見る


未分類   2020/12/13 (日)  12:10 PM

ニューヨークから新講師Akira先生がBeyond Englishに加わりました。詳細はこちら

未分類   2019/10/20 (日)  6:21 PM


未分類   2019/08/10 (土)  11:48 AM

未分類   2018/11/24 (土)  4:56 PM

Our new basketball season started. This year we have a very young team. I will be in Kobe from 17 to 20 January for our annual tournament.     Mario

未分類   2018/08/04 (土)  1:37 PM

Welcome Cambel !

We warmly welcome Cambel, our new teacher from U.K. with experience working in sales departments of many companies. He also brings a very necessary music talent to teachers side in our regular karaoke contests with the students !

未分類   2018/06/30 (土)  2:03 PM

Marathon season in full swing

Congratulations to Michiko for winning second place in the Ebetsu-Nopporo half marathon and finishing another Chitose full marathon under four hours! The rest of the season: 7/8 Toyohira full marathon, 8/5 Yoichi 30 km wine run, 10/21 Hokkaido Road Race, and TBD Furubira run. See you out there...

未分類   2018/03/29 (木)  1:43 PM

HIS sports awards

Sports teams awards goes tomorrow in Hokkaido international school at 6 pm. International cuisine dinner is included. I will be awarding our best basketball players from last season...           Mario

未分類   2018/01/11 (木)  7:21 AM

Away this month

I will be in Kobe this week and in Nagoya the week after next for basketball tournaments of various international schools. Alex and Scott will cover all the lessons. You can follow all games of our Hokkaido Huskies team on this YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCVwLghjWwZJ8nEvYf6-o7XQ

未分類   2017/10/29 (日)  3:27 PM

Welcome Scott

We warmly welcome Scott Algate as our new teacher, who brings us great qualifications from Australia (graduated and worked in Melbourne) as well as teaching experience from Sapporo. Scott is currently helping us mostly with evening lessons and will be our full-time teacher from January. Welcome aboard !   

未分類   2017/10/29 (日)  2:59 PM

Go Huskies !

Our new basketball season at Hokkaido International School started - good luck to all five teams! I will be coaching two high-school boys teams this year...                    Mario

未分類   2017/09/11 (月)  11:44 AM


Congratulations to Michiko on great result in Otaru Aquathlon yesterday - winning the first place in her category and the second place overall for ladies !!!

未分類   2017/08/10 (木)  8:11 AM


Mario is taking his summer vacation this whole week and Alex is covering all the students. We wish you all a good Obon holiday!

未分類   2017/06/15 (木)  4:20 PM

Chitose finished, Hokkaido marathon next

Congratulations to Michiko on another full marathon finished under four hours! Next is Hokkaido marathon in August - see you there

未分類   2017/05/12 (金)  12:22 AM

Busy April

We're back from Europe, read all about it on our Facebook page. Thank you Alex for holding the fort in our busiest month ever - we had so many new students joining us in April that it feels like another student party is needed to put all the names to faces! Stay tuned for updates...

未分類   2017/03/07 (火)  1:25 PM

All over the world

Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia, Toronto in Canada, and Auckland in New Zealand are just some of the cities where our students are now on their working holiday. Another student is leaving to Brisbane this month - another farewell party coming...

未分類   2017/01/31 (火)  9:57 AM

Snow Festival Classic 2017 - stronger than ever !

Our basketball season is finishing this weekend. The schedule for our Huskies is: Friday 2 pm vs Kyoto, Saturday 11 am vs Keihoku and 4 pm vs Hokkai, with finals on Sunday. All tournament games will be streamed live at: www.youtube.com/channel/UCs61GSXuMI_HifrHpQfFFUQ/live

未分類   2017/01/15 (日)  4:01 PM

In Kobe this week

I'll be in Kobe this week for our annual basketball tournament of international schools. We play on Friday at 9 am and 11.40 am, with finals on Saturday. All our games will be streamed live at this YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/kart15455    

未分類   2016/12/01 (木)  12:11 PM

Every time we say goodbye...

We had a farewell party for one of our students leaving to Australia for a working holiday. It was great fun with friends and other working holiday students in izakaya with nomihodai and karaoke after-party. Sayonara !